The Differences between Peek Inside, Look Inside, and See Inside books

Visit my new website to read my full blog! hope to see you there!  Peek Inside Peek Inside books are great for younger children, preschool age. These smaller non-fiction beauties include some new titles including fairy tales like Peek Inside Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella. Peek Inside series also includes Peek Inside Animal … Continue reading The Differences between Peek Inside, Look Inside, and See Inside books

New Consultant Kit Options

New Consultant Kit Options

One of the many pros of joining Usborne Books & More is the low cost of the new consultant kit. There are two kit options available. Both kits come with books, business supplies, and a 6 month subscription to the e-commerce site (your shopping website). The first option is the mini kit. This is the … Continue reading New Consultant Kit Options

Simple Ways to make Reading Fun 

School starts out serious from such an early age now. Just the other day a friend was mentioning that many four-year-olds are already reading. We're pushing our kids younger and younger and what does this lead to? Burn-out big time! Burn-out at an early age. We need to show our children from day one that … Continue reading Simple Ways to make Reading Fun 

Interactive "Flaslight" Books

Interactive “Flashlight Books”

It is so important to make reading fun for our little ones! Our children are growing up so fast these days and many lose the love of learning quickly. As parents, we need to change this! One easy way to make reading fun is to build forts and forts go absolutely perfectly with our Shine-a-Light … Continue reading Interactive “Flashlight Books”

The 10 Best Read Alouds for any Child

Read-alouds are fun for any family, but finding the best ones in the thousands that are out there can be difficult. Here are 10 of my favorite read-alouds for any child! 1.Animally- This adorable hardcover book uses adverbs to describe the love of a parent to a child. "I love you speedily like a hare. … Continue reading The 10 Best Read Alouds for any Child