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Shark Week is an amazing opportunity for all kinds of learning! This is the weeek adults and children alike want to become shark experts.

From all different kinds of peculiar looking sharks, to the closest calls in human history, Shark Week is NOT something to be missed. And don’t miss Michael Phelps racing a shark TONIGHT!

Here are some awesome educational books to go along with shark week for your little ones. From lift-the-flap books to an excavation kit, all ages can have fun while learning about sharks.

Great Shark Titles

Make Shark Week a Learning Experience


Any Lift-the-flap book will activate the love of learning for a young child. Just add sharks and your child(ren) will go wild for this shark book. From the cool information and vivid illustrations, learn new facts about sharks while increasing your child’s love of learning.




Make Shark Week a Learning Experience

With Usborne’s collection of Phonics Readers, there just had to be a title with a shark! This is definitely one of the most popular Phonics Readers.  With a cute story, lots of rhyming, a hidden duck, and some fun throughout the pages, this phonics reader will delight any young reader. This book is also Internet-Referenced, meaning you can go to the online website and find games, puzzles, and other great information to go along with this book!

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Books about the Sea

Make Shark Week a Learning Experience


Usborne’s Big Books come with 4 giant fold-old pages to show the reader how big these animals or objects can be! In the Big Book of Sea Creatures, you’ll find sharks, turtles, whales and more. Open up the fold-outs and you’ll be amazed at the size of these giant beauties of the sea!


Other books about the sea include Under the Sea, a Beginner, about creatures in the sea, First Coloring Book Under the Sea, and so many more!

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Make Shark Week a Learning Experience


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