Read-alouds are fun for any family, but finding the best ones in the thousands that are out there can be difficult. Here are 10 of my favorite read-alouds for any child!

The 10 best read alouds for any child

1.Animally– This adorable hardcover book uses adverbs to describe the love of a parent to a child. “I love you speedily like a hare. I love you fiercely like a bear.” This is the ultimate feel-good rhyming book! Learn adverbs through the animal kingdom throughout this story and enjoy wipe-clean pages at the same time.

The 10 Best Read Alouds for any Child


2. Bears Don’t Read– This cute book had me laughing out loud right from the start. This poor big bear just wants to learn to read, but when he walks into the town, everyone runs away scared. He’s just trying to return a library book! Read my review and definitely pick up this gem of a story.

The 10 Best Read Alouds for any Child

3. Can I Join Your Club?– Feeling left out is such a hard lesson to learn and it’s so hard to bounce back after rejection. Learn from Duck as he feels rejected by many clubs so he creates his own. He learns to be proud of who he is, making friends at the same time.

The 10 Best Read Alouds for any Child

4. Cordelia-This uplifting story is great for young and old alike. Cordelia believes she can fly and has all the confidence in the world until others tell her she’s can’t. Watch Cordelia pick herself up and prove everyone wrong! Cordelia would make the perfect graduation gift and is a MUST-HAVE for any home!

The 10 best read alouds for any child

5. Dan, the Taxi Man– A good rhyming book with onomatopoeia? Tell me more! As Dan drives along, he picks up several players in a band. “Here comes Maureen with the tambourine. Shake-a shake, crash! Shake-a shake, crash!” Your child will light up with the sounds of the instruments on each page. My toddler absolutely devoured this book and yours will, too!

The 10 best read alouds for any child

6. Dog and Mouse– Everyone needs help finding a friend. Mouse helps Dog look for a friend day after day and they make a surprising discovery: Mouse was the perfect friend all along. Michelle Nelson-Schmidt does it again in this story! The perfect rhyming story to celebrate friendship!

The 10 best read alouds for any child

7. Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster– Jonathan, like so many children, doubts himself at every turn. He’s constantly questioning himself, or the Whatif Monster does it for him. The Whatif Monster asks, What if you fall? What if they laugh? Jonathan turns the negative language around to see that life can be full of surprises, good and bad. This is the perfect story for the chronic worrier in all of us!

The 10 best read alouds for any child

8. Nibbles– Sometimes a book is so good you could eat it! This is exactly what happens to Nibbles, the book monster! He nibbles books so he can jump inside the story and shake things up. He changes the story of many well-known fairy tales. Nibbles is the perfect story to follow-up any family favorite tale.

The 10 best read alouds for any child

9. Olga da Polga– This charming story is perfect for children of all ages, in and out of the classroom. Olga is a guinea pig with a strong adventurous side. Olga will have you laughing and wanting more as her big ideas come to life.  And remember, “If you really want something in this world, you’ll never get it by sitting down and waiting. But if you go out and do things there’s no knowing where you’ll end up.”

The 10 best read alouds for any child

10. A Tale of Two Beasts– This is one of the first books I read from Kane Miller and I was not disappointed. A Tale of Two Beasts shows how any story can have two drastically different sides. The first half follows a girl that finds a squirrel. It seems like a nice encounter until you see the squirrel’s point of view. ” She tried to make me eat squirrel food.” This funny story will have you questioning who the real beast is in the story.

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