Just another way to work your Usborne business is a $5 Book Day.

This concept is very similar to a book fair, with a few differing aspects.


Book fairs can take place at a school or daycare. A $5 book day will ideally take place at a school because of the wide range of school-aged books Usborne and Kane Miller have available at this age range.


With a $5 book day, you, as the consultant, would get books ranging in price from $5-$7. Students would purchase these books for $5 flat. No tax would be charged. There is no change required, and not much math needs to be figured into sales either. When a student walks in with a five-dollar bill, they walk out with a book.

With a book fair, you need change, calculators to include tax, and more hands-on-deck to help out with the buying process.

$5 Book Day with Usborne Books & More

Free Books

To compensate for the great deal on the books, the school would receive 25% in free books instead of the usual 50%. This is still a great deal! Free books along with much of the savings passed on to the students!

Ease of Execution

We have a larger variety of $5 books for school-aged children, which is why $5 Book Day is perfect for schools! The ease of preparation and execution for the school is the real selling point. The name of this operation is Book Day for a reason. This all takes place in one day of school. That’s a big upside. Book Fairs can go all week, but this is over and out in one day! I have loved getting into schools and providing them with books through book fairs, $5 book days, and Literacy for a Lifetime (our 50% grant matching program).

Learn more about the process to work with schools by talking to your upline and consulting the school and library handbook.

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